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This form should only be used to request your regular medications, i.e. those that are on your "repeat prescription" list. For any new medications or short-term medications (such as painkillers or antibiotics), you must make an appointment with the doctor first. 

Please note there is a €20 charge for prescriptions for private patients. You will receive a payment link by SMS after your request has been received. Once payment is made your prescription request will be processed. 

Certain medications, such as the combined oral contraceptive pill and certain blood pressure medications, require a once-yearly check-up. In these cases you may receive an SMS from one of our doctors asking you to attend for a check-up in advance of a prescription being issued. If you have already paid the prescription fee, this will be deducted from the cost of your check-up.


Please allow 3 working days for our doctors to safely prepare your prescription. Be aware that prescription requests received on a Friday may not be dealt with until the following week. 

Thanks for submitting your prescription request. Private patients will receive an SMS link for payment. Please allow 72 hours for our doctors to safely prepare your prescription.

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