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Depending on your age, sex and background medical problems, a variety of blood tests may be ordered by the doctor. Not all tests will be ordered each time. What tests will be ordered will be determined by our doctors based on your age, sex and health status. For most patients <45 years old, “routine” blood tests are not required unless there is a particular concern. 

Click here for information about blood tests that may be requested

You have had bloods taken. What will happen next?

We should have your results back from the lab within 2 weeks and our doctors will interpret them.

  • Most blood results are normal or have mild abnormalities that do not require any action. In these cases, unless you have specified otherwise, we will not contact you. 

  • If there is something in your blood tests that requires some action (that cannot wait until your next appointment) you will receive a phone call or SMS.

  • If there is something in your blood results that requires immediate action or if we require more information to interpret your results a doctor may phone you.

Please do not phone reception for your results. If you were expecting contact regarding your results and 2 weeks have passed without contact, pleased email or complete the form below.

Thanks for submitting your query. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible .

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